Administrative Rule No: 4025-01

Title: Library Resources - Selection Guidelines and Criteria


To help Linn-Benton Community College librarians and faculty select resources and to maintain and develop a balanced, useful, and high-quality collection.

Linn-Benton Community College collection guidelines and criteria have been developed and made publicly available on the library’s website.

The guidelines shall be regularly reviewed and assessed.

Request for Withdrawl of Resources

Whenever any person using the Library objects to the presence of any resource, the complaint is given a fair hearing and referred immediately to the Library Director who will discuss the matter with the complainant. Resources subject to complaint are not removed from use pending final action.

The following outlines the process to follow in making a formal request for removal of library resources:

  1. The complainant is asked to fill out the appropriate form (Request for Reconsideration and Removal of Library Resources) so a more formal consideration of the complaint may be made.
  2. The Library Director or other librarians examine the resource in question and determine whether it conforms to the standards of the Library’s resources selection policy.
  3. The Library Director decides whether or not to withdraw the resource in question and writes to the complainant giving the reasons for the decision.
  4. The Dean of Academic Progression is notified of the complaint and of the decision.
  5. Should the complainant disagree with the decision of the Library Director, the complainant may appeal to the Dean of Academic Profession who reviews the original complaint and decision.
  6. If the complainant is not in agreement with the dean’s decision, the complaint will be reviewed by the College President.  The decision of the president is final.

Date of Adoption: 08/13/84
Dates of Revision: 07/12/94; 09/30/97; 03/15/05; 5/5/16; 04/30/24
Dates of Last Review:  5/5/16; 4/2/2020; 04/30/24