Administrative Rule: 4020-10

Title: Grading

Defines the rules of valid grades recognized by the institution, their value in the calculation of GPA, and repeat or renewal options.

Linn-Benton Community College has several options for grading students. The A-F option provides for a letter grade of A, B, C, D, F or Incomplete. The "optional" grading practice allows the student to request either a letter grade or a pass, no-pass grade.

This request is made at the Registration Office by the student within an appropriate time period during the term. If a letter grade is submitted by an instructor for an optional graded class, and a P/NP has been requested by a student, the grade program will automatically convert grades A through C to a P and a D or F to an NP. The pass/no pass" option on a class provides only for one of these two grades. One of these three grading options is placed on every credit class by the Academic Affairs Office with recommendations from staff.

The incomplete grade (IN) may be issued for non-completion of course work at the discretion of the instructor, according to current guidance. Students have the right to ask for or decline an incomplete grade and instructors have the right to offer/grant incomplete grades. Instructors issuing this grade must submit the Incomplete Grade Contract by the time the incomplete grade is entered.

The audit grade (AU) can be requested by the student at the time of registration only. If a letter grade is issued in a class where the student has previously requested an audit, the grade will automatically be changed to an audit grade. (See Administrative Rule 7075-10 – Auditing Classes).

The withdrawal grade (W) is issued only upon official withdrawal from a class by a student within the appropriate time period during the term.

NP, F, IN, Audit, W, or CMP grades will not count as completion for either financial aid (Satisfactory Academic Progress) or academic progress.

Grading Summary Grades



Quality/Grade Points


Excellent work

4 per credit


Above average work

3 per credit


Average work

2 per credit


Below average work

1 per credit


Failing work, no credit earned

0 per credit


Incomplete work-

If letter grade is not submitted by the instructor by the end of the following quarter, with the exception of summer quarter, the grade will automatically be changed to the default grade.

Not computed in GPA



Credit/Not computed in GPA


No Pass

No credit/not computed in GPA


Audit, no credit earned

No credit/not computed in GPA


Official Withdrawal

No credit/not computed in GPA


Completion of a non-credit course or seminar

No credit/not computed in GPA

Transcript Footnotes

E Indicates repeated course Excluded from GPA
I Indicates repeated course Included in GPA

Grading of Repeated Courses
When a higher grade is earned in a repeated course the lowest grade will be excluded from the cumulative grade point average (CGPA). An “E” is placed on the transcript next to the grade excluded from the CGPA and an “I” next to the grade included in the CGPA calculation.

If the grades for the course are the same, the previous course is included and the recent class excluded from the CGPA calculation.

Academic Renewal
Students who have met certain guidelines will be eligible for Academic Renewal. If a student meets the established guidelines, substandard work from two terms can be excluded from grade calculation at LBCC.  The non-passing grades will not be counted in their LBCC GPA, and will be noted with an “Z” and the earned grade on a transcript.

Date of Adoption: 8/13/84
Dates of Revision: 1/3/92; 1/13/11, 2/6/14, 6/2/16; 10/31/16; 3/9/17; 12/6/18; 1/25/24; 04/30/24
Dates of Last Review: 2/6/14, 6/2/16; 10/31/16; 3/9/17; 4/2/2020; 1/25/24; 04/30/24