Administrative Rule No: 4020-09

Title: Course Numbering Guidelines


Promulgates the rules driving the assignment and revision of course numbers, ensuring transferability, and nature of work therein.


The Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development produces "The Community College Handbook," which outlines the State Board of Education requirements and procedures that govern degrees and certificates, program approval, course approval, and instructor approval.

Assignment of course numbers is the responsibility of the local institutions.  Linn-Benton Community College, with a few variations, uses an established system of alpha/numeric numbers for lower-division transfer, developmental, apprenticeship, and occupational preparatory courses and numeric/decimal numbers for adult education, general self-improvement, and, occupational supplementary courses.

Freshman-level courses (first year) will be numbered at the 100 level. Sophomore-level courses (second year) will be numbered at the 200 level

Certain high transfer courses are subject to the common course numbering system as established by the Oregon Transfer Council. The college follows course number assignments for these courses as approved by the Transfer Council. All common course numbered courses are identified by a ‘Z’ at the end of the course number.

The college will indicate in the catalog whether a course is lower-division transfer or career technical, and that the primary purpose of career technical courses is for the Associate of Applied Science Degree or a certificate and not the fulfillment of a baccalaureate degree. Additionally, program faculty will assume responsibility for informing students regarding transferability of their courses to four-year colleges and universities.

Four-year colleges and universities have the right to accept the transfer of designated career technical courses when a student matriculates with a transcript that includes such course work.

The process to change course numbers must go through the appropriate instructional administrator to the Academic Affairs Office, with approval by the Curricular Issues Committee.  The timeline must be in accordance with the annual catalog publication schedule.

Date of Adoption:  03/05/96
Dates of Revision: 05/02/11, 6/2/16; 4/2/2020; 04/30/24
Date of Last Review:  6/2/16; 04/30/24