Establishes the rules for evaluating and transcription of credits transferred to LBCC.

Linn-Benton Community College accepts college-level transfer credit from regionally accredited U.S. post-secondary institutions. LBCC’s Admissions Office uses Oregon State University’s transfer course equivalency tables as a guide to determine equivalencies to LBCC’s general education requirements.

Transfer credit evaluation is a partnership between LBCC’s Admissions office and faculty. The Admissions Office will evaluate transfer credit to determine if it is equivalent to LBCC’s general education course requirements for AS, AGS, AAOT, AAS degrees, and for certificates. Upon request, faculty will evaluate transfer coursework for equivalencies to LBCC major-specific requirements for AS and AAS degrees, and for certificates. Additional documentation such as catalog descriptions and/or syllabus may be required to support a faculty review.

To have transfer credit evaluated for equivalency to LBCC courses, official transcripts must be submitted to LBCC’s Admissions Office, and the transcripts must be able to be matched to a valid LBCC student ID number. LBCC considers transcripts to be “official” if they have been received directly from an issuing institution (whether on paper in a sealed sending institution envelope or a certified electronic copy) and are properly signed/authenticated by the sending institution. All transcripts received by the Admissions Office become the property of LBCC. The Admissions Office will not provide copies of transcripts from other institutions.

Students will be notified via email upon receipt of their transcript(s) and again upon completion of the credit evaluation. Results of the credit evaluation may be viewed in the Unofficial Transcript section of the student’s WebRunner account.

Transfer credit is not included in determining academic standing at LBCC. Transfer GPA and course completion is included in establishing initial Satisfactory Academic Progress at LBCC for federal Financial Aid.

Linn-Benton Community College accepts college-level credits in the following manner:

U.S. Institution Transfer Credit

Regionally accredited U.S. institutions of higher education

Coursework must be 100-level or above, however developmental-level coursework that can be directly correlated with an equivalent developmental LBCC course can be transferable.

Coursework must be graded with the range of A-D (or numeric equivalent), or with a Satisfactory/Pass designation, where that grade is defined by the issuing institution as equating to a letter grade of C or better.

LBCC uses Oregon State University’s transfer credit equivalency tables as a guide to equivalencies

General education courses that do not have direct equivalences to LBCC courses may be eligible for transfer and potential use as electives. In some cases, courses will be designated with subject codes of LDT, 1XX or 2XX.

Major-specific courses that do not equate to specific LBCC courses will be granted Lower Division Transfer Credit; courses that do not equate to Career/Technical courses in an AAS degree or certificate will be granted Career/Technical credits at LBCC.

Credit not applied to degree and/or certificate requirements may be posted as block transfer on LBCC transcripts.

Upper Division Transfer (UDT) courses, 300-level and above that do not have direct equivalencies to LBCC courses will not be given transfer credit. 

U.S. Military (Joint Service Transcripts, DD-214)

LBCC’s Admissions Office will apply ACE guidelines when determining college credit transferability from U.S military transcripts and service documents.

Credit for Prior Learning

Credit awarded for prior learning, which includes Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Credit by Challenge Exam, Credit for Military Training, Credit for Professional Licensure, and Credit for LBCC Training, will be posted on a student’s LBCC academic transcript in the manner outlined in 4020-01.

Coursework from Nationally Accredited Institutions

Upon request, coursework from Nationally Accredited Institutions may be reviewed for LBCC equivalency.

Non-U.S. Institution Transfer Credit

The AACRAO Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE)

Official transcripts and course descriptions must be submitted to LBCC’s Admissions Office.

Official transcripts and course descriptions must be in English. Non-English transcripts and course descriptions must be translated into English by a college-approved certified translator or evaluated by an NACES service provider.

English Composition will not be accepted in transfer unless taken at an accredited U.S. college or university or an accredited English-speaking university.

ADOPTION: 8/13/84
DATE(S) OF REVISION(S): 10/3/95, 12/2/16; 4/2/2020