Administrative Rule No: 4020-06

Title: Grade Reporting


Promulgates the rules for entering, recording, maintaining, and challenging grades.


Grades are reported during the term via a secure website.  Courses will be available for grading on the designated end date. The use of a user ID number and PIN shall serve as an electronic signature. All grades for the term must be submitted through the college’s web-based grading system by 8:00am the Monday after the last day of the term.  Grades and grade changes will be posted to student academic records on a regular basis throughout the term. Corrections to class information (as opposed to student information) should be reported to the Academic Affairs Office.

Grades not submitted by the end of the term will not appear on the student’s record until grades are submitted through the college’s grading system. 

Students may challenge or request review of a grade (using the procedure outlined in Students’ Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct), and grade corrections may be processed through the college’s web-based grading system for the designated grade change.

Grade records will be archived in accordance with federal and state archiving requirements.

Instructors are required to retain grade information for one year according to state archival rules.

Date of Adoption:  08/13/84
Dates of Revision:  03/16/04, 6/2/16; 4/2/2020; 04/30/24
Dates of Last Review:  6/2/16; 04/30/24