Administrative Rule No: 4010-02

Title: Student Advising

This Administrative Rule commits to providing academic advising to all degree-seeking students and emphasizes the importance of having a consistent, comprehensive advising system at LBCC.

Academic advising is essential in a holistic approach to student success. High quality advising assists students in making effective use of learning opportunities, progressing through appropriate academic and career pathways, increasing retention and ultimately leading to completion of educational goals and degree attainment.

Philosophy of LBCC Advising System

  1. Assisting students to achieve their academic and career goals shall be the prime motivating factor of the LBCC advising system.
  2. Each degree-seeking student shall have an assigned academic advisor.
  3. All students and pertinent staff members, including classified, faculty and management, have access to the LBCC Advising Policy so that each understands their role and responsibility regarding the advising system.
  4. The Campus Advising Committee (made up of faculty, classified and management) will develop , recommend, and evaluate advising strategies, processes,  and policies.
  5. The college shall emphasize the importance of training and professional development by providing opportunities for development of skills related to the advising system.

Date of Adoption: 08/13/84
Dates of Revision: 11/4/97; 4/2/2020
Dates of Last Review: 04/30/24