Administrative Rule No: 4010-01 (Part B)

Title: Guidelines for the Approval of Faculty

Provides guidelines for the faculty approval process.


  1. If a dean, regional director, or designee decides that an applicant should be considered for employment as a faculty member, they submit an approval request.  The following information is required to be on file in order to approve a faculty member to teach credit classes:
    1. application for employment,
    2. transcripts and/or certification of all academic and education work,
    3. work experience records and other documentation, as needed, and,
    4. completed Login Request Form, authorized by the dean or designee indicating recommendation to approve.
      For faculty teaching credit classes, the Dean of Instruction will review the applicant's file to determine if minimum standards have been met and notify the appropriate dean or designee of action taken.  Commitment on hiring faculty who teach credit courses shall not be made until after an instructor approval has been acted upon favorably by the Academic Affairs office.
  2. The Academic Affairs office will maintain a master list of approved faculty for credit courses.
  3. Faculty may be approved to teach non-credit courses by the Director of Extended Learning, applying the minimum standards listed below.  Non-credit faculty may, when appropriate, be hired without a transcript.
  4. The following are current minimum approval standards for full and part-time faculty of:

A master's degree in the subject matter area to be taught, or a master’s degree in another field and a minimum of 27 graduate quarter hours in the primary subject matter area to be taught, or 24 quarter hours in the secondary subject matter area.

If an applicant has nearly completed the above requirements for lower-division transfer courses, the dean or designee may request provisional approval using the Login Request Form. A written plan must be included, signed by the dean or designee and the applicant, that documents the timeline under which the applicant will achieve the lower-division transfer requirements. Provisional approvals cannot be in place for longer than three academic years.

The  requirements for lower-division transfer courses may be waived by the President in subject areas in which individuals have demonstrated their competencies and served in professional fields.  This approval is requested using the Login Request Form, and the individuals proficiency and high level of competency must be documented by:

  1. professional work experience history and relationship to classroom assignment, and
  2. signatures of agreement by the dean or designee and department/program chair.

Career and Technical, Occupational Supplementary Complementary General Education
Subject matter competence may be used as a standard for approval as documented by:

  1. An appropriate degree and four years of successful work experience in an occupational area; or
  2. Seven years of successful experience in an occupational area.

Postsecondary Remedial and Adult Basic Skills
Subject matter competence may be used as a standard for approval as documented by:

  1. Certification
  2. Degree
  3. Experience

Demonstrated knowledge of subject matter, which may be documented through related work experience and/or course work.

Date of Adoption: 08/13/84
Dates of Revision: 08/19/97; 07/01/08; 05/02/11; 6/1/17; 4/2/2020
Dates of Last Review: 6/1/17; 04/30/24