Board Policy Series Number: 3030

Title: President's Performance Appraisal


To define, in general terms, the means by which the Board reviews, evaluates and provides feedback related to enhance future presidential performance.


The Board shall conduct an annual performance appraisal of the president. The president’s annual performance appraisal shall be governed by this policy and by any specific conditions set forth in the president’s individual employment contract.

The criteria used by the board to evaluate the performance of the president shall be directly related to the duties specified in the president’s job description and any Board expressed expectations as specified in the annual performance goals that are agreed to by the board and president for the year that is the subject of the appraisal period.

The process used for the appraisal shall be a process that is jointly developed and agreed to by the board and president, but shall be certain to include:

  1. An opportunity for each board member to provide the chair with individual appraisal feedback;
  2. A summary of Board appraisal feedback provided by the chair to the president; and
  3. An opportunity for the president to provide the board with a self-appraisal of his/her performance.

Date of Adoption: 03/10/83
Dates of Revisions: 12/16/92; 05/21/08; 12/18/13; 1/15/20
Dates of Last Review: 12/15/09, 12/18/13; 2/17/16; 1/15/20; 03/20/24