Board Policy Series Number: 3020

Title: President's Authority and Responsibility


To define the scope of presidential authority and administrative leadership of all college staff. To clarify presidential responsibility and accountability to the Board of Education in the dispensation of his/her administrative duties.


  1. The college president serves as the administrative head of the college and is responsible directly to the Board of Education. The administrative duties detailed in the President's Job Description and any annual goals assigned by the Board shall be accomplished consistent with Board Policy, Administrative Rule and the President's Employment Agreement.
  2. The college president may delegate appropriate duties and functions to members of the college staff. When such duties and functions are delegated on a regular ongoing basis, they shall be outlined in written job descriptions.
  3. Individual employment and dismissal decisions are the discretion of the president, and subject to statutory guidance and the limitations of Board ratified collective bargaining agreements.

Date of Adoption: 03/10/83
Dates of Revisions: 12/16/92; 12/18/13; 2/17/16; 1/15/20
Dates of Last Review: 12/15/09; 12/18/13; 2/17/16; 1/15/20; 03/20/24