Board Policy Number: 3010

Title: Board Delegation of Administrative Authority and Executive Limitations

To clearly define the roles of both the Board and the president with respect to the leadership and administration of the college.

It is the primary job of the Board to define the desired direction for the college, taking into due consideration the expressed will of their electorate.

It is the primary job of the president to achieve the expected outcomes set forth by the Board by directing the efforts of the college, using lawful, ethical, and prudent means. The president’s autonomy in conducting operations is limited by statute, Board policies and the requirements of current collective bargaining agreements. 

The Board of Education delegates its authority for administering the laws and policies governing the college to the college president with the exception of the following:

  1. awarding of bids for goods and services as per BP 5080 and Administrative Rule 5080-01.
  2. authorizing of all budget transfers between appropriation categories;
  3. college approval of collective bargaining agreements;
  4. establishment of all salary schedules per collective bargaining agreements and/or college policy/procedure, and;
  5. other matters which the president wishes to call to the attention of the board.

Date of Adoption:  03/10/83
Dates of Revisions:  12/16/92; 12/18/13; 1/15/20
Dates of Last Review: 12/15/09, 12/18/13, 2/17/16; 1/15/20; 03/20/24