Board Policy Series Number: 2070

Title: New Board Member Orientation


To affirm the Board’s commitment to quickly bringing new members to a knowledge of the Board’s roles and responsibilities, so that every board member may serve their constituents and the district to the fullest capacity.


Within the first three months of election and/or appointment, all new board members will receive an orientation to Linn-Benton Community College and also to the roles and responsibilities of the LBCC Board of Education. The orientation will be conducted by the Board Chair or his/her designee in collaboration with the president and may include but not be limited to topics such as:

  1. The policy governance model,
  2. Board members’ statutory and policy responsibilities,
  3. An overview of the college’s organization, finances, purpose, and current issues,
  4. A primer related to community relations and media contact.

All new board members are strongly encouraged to attend OCCA new board member training at their earliest opportunity.

Date of Adoption: 04/17/13
Dates of Revision:
Dates of Last Review: 9/18/19; 10/25/23