Board Policy Series Number: 2065

Title: Emergency Presidential Succession


To provide proactive planning to assure continuity of college operations in the event of an unplanned or emergency loss of Presidential services.


The president shall assure that at least one other executive is familiar with Board and presidential issues and processes. The president shall periodically furnish the Board with the current name or names of the executive(s) that are most suitable to deal with Board and presidential issues and processes on a short-term or interim basis. In the event of a sudden loss of presidential services, the Board shall consider the president’s recommendations when they select an acting president. If the president is deemed unable to return to service within a reasonable amount of time, the Board shall then fulfill its responsibility for full presidential succession as stated in Board Policy 2015.

Date of Adoption: 04/17/13
Dates of Revision: 9/18/19
Dates of Last Review: 04/17/13; 10/21/15; 10/25/23