Board Policy Series Number: 2040

Title: Board Meetings


To define the schedule and structure of common procedures utilized in the course and scope of Board business.


  1. Annual Organizational Meeting

    The Board of Education will hold an annual organizational meeting in July at which the Board will adopt an annual Board calendar and conduct other business deemed pertinent by the Board to conduct the business of the Board and College. (Include-- will adopt annual Board calendar… other activities).

  2. Regular Board Meetings

    Regular board meetings will generally be held in person and/or virtually monthly. Other meetings will be held as needed. The date, location or occurrence of a regular meeting may be changed by the action of the board. In case of a change in date or location of a regular meeting, the clerk shall take appropriate steps per applicable statute to inform the public of the change in advance of the meeting.

  3. Special Board Meetings

    Special meetings may be called when urgent issues arise that cannot wait for regularly scheduled meeting. Such meetings are subject to applicable statute related to public notice/access. Special meetings may be scheduled by the chair, the vice-chair (in the absence of the chair) or by any three (3) Board members acting together.

  4. Emergency Board Meetings
    In the case of an actual emergency, a meeting may be held upon such notice as is appropriate to the circumstances, and the minutes for such a meeting shall describe the emergency justifying less than 24 hours notice.

  5. Executive Sessions

    Executive sessions shall be held in compliance with ORS 192.660. Executive sessions, in accordance with Oregon Revised Statutes, are not open to the public.

  6. Rules of Order

    Robert's Rules of Order shall be used as a guide in conducting board meetings, except as otherwise noted in board policy.

  7. Public Participation in Board Meetings

    All regular meetings, special meetings and work sessions of the board are open to the public.

    The board generally encourages and welcomes input in its regular board meetings and provides for public discussion of agenda items during the meeting under the agenda item, "Public Comments."

    Those wishing to address the Board should submit a request via email or phone to the board executive assistant. Public comments may be submitted to the Board in writing, virtually, or in-person. Requests to give comment (in any form) must be received by 4:00pm the business day prior to the meeting due to technical details that need to be arranged. At the time specified in the agenda, the Board Chair will recognize comments and they will be entered into the public record. In-person and virtually presented comments will then be limited to a defined time per individual, at the discretion of the Board Chair. 

  8. Minutes of Board Meetings

    A record of all transactions of the board will be set forth in the official electronic minute book of the board. The minutes will record the name of the member making a motion, the name of the person seconding it, and the vote of each board member. A voice recording will also be made of board meetings: regular, special, and work sessions.

  9. Voting

    Voting at board meetings will be by voice vote and recorded in the minutes. A member voting against a proposition may state the reasons and have them recorded in the minutes if so requested at the time of voting. Any member may also request individual "yeas" and "nays" to be taken and entered in the minutes on any question before the board.

  10. Quorum/Majority

    Four members of the board will constitute a quorum for the transaction of board business. At least four members (a majority of the full Board) of the board must approve a motion for it to pass.

  11. Meeting Agenda

    The agenda for board meetings will be prepared by the board chair and the college president, generally during Executive Committee meetings. As a general rule, official action will not be taken on items not listed on the agenda. See BOP 2040-A for reference.

  12. Resource Persons at Board Meetings
    The board will recognize resource persons from each of the various sections of the college community (administrative, classified, faculty, part-time faculty, and students). All such representatives serve in an advisory capacity, at the pleasure of the board, and with no right to vote on matters before the board. See BOP 2040-B for reference.

Date of Adoption: 03/8/84
Dates of Revision: 01/21/87; 05/20/92; 09/16/92; 09/19/07; 11/18/09; 04/17/13; 11/18/15; 9/18/19; 1/17/24
Dates of Last Review: 11/18/15; 1/17/24