Board Policy Series Number: 2035

Title: Board Policy Development, Review, and Revision


To define the expected outcomes of the college’s process for developing, reviewing, and revising Board policy statements.


The Board’s policy development, review and revision process shall:

  1. Provide the Board with the opportunity to carry out their legal responsibilities to introduce, review and/or revise and approve all Board policy statements;
  2. Provide the Board with pertinent information, including reason for the proposal, the relevant statute and administrative rule (where requested) and implications relating to a policy proposal or revision;
  3. Whenever possible and appropriate, assure and afford interested persons, whether internal or external, and/or groups affected by the proposal an opportunity to express their views prior to Board adoption of a policy statement;
  4. The Board directs the president to implement all approved policies as rapidly as is appropriate.

The procedure for development and revision of Board policy can be found in Board Operational Procedure 2035-A, Board Policy Development and Revision.

The Board reserves the right to deviate from this policy, when in the judgment of the Board, conditions warrant such action.

Date of Adoption: 03/8/84
Dates of Revision: 01/21/87; 05/20/92; 09/16/92; 09/19/07; 5/15/13; 10/21/15; 9/18/19
Dates of Last Review: 5/15/13; 10/21/15; 10/24/23