Board Policy Series Number: 2023

Title: Board Organization and Duties


To define the organizational structure of the Board itself, including the titles of Board officers and their specific responsibilities, to assure clarity of roles and division of labor on the Board.


In order to carry out its duties and responsibilities, the Linn-Benton Community College Board of Education has established the following organizational positions, duties and processes:

  1. Board Officer Election. Each year at the annual organizational meeting, the Board shall elect a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson as officers of the Board.
  2. Board Officers and Duties.
    1. Chair
      The duties of the chair are to:
      1. Preside at all meetings of the Board, encouraging Board deliberation will be timely, fair, and thorough but also efficient, in terms of meeting duration;
      2. Appoint Board members to serve on Board committees or as liaisons to outside groups;
      3. Call special meetings of the Board as required and/or deemed necessary;
      4. Approve and sign the minutes of all special and regular meetings of the Board, and such other documents as may be prescribed by law; and
      5. Generally assure that the Board behaves in a manner consistent with its own rules;
      6. Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law or by action of the Board.
    2. Vice-Chair
      The duties of the Vice-Chair are to:
      1. Preside at Board meetings in the absence of the chair; and
      2. Fulfill the duties of chair as needed.
    3. Clerk of the Board (The Board shall appoint the President/Chief Executive Officer as clerk, as provided for by Oregon Revised Statues.)
      The duties of the Clerk are to:
      1. Generally assure that the Board behaves in a manner consistent with those rules legitimately imposed upon it from outside the college;
      2. Collaborate with Chair to generally assure that the Board behaves in a manner consistent with its own rules.
      3. Sign the minutes of all special and regular meetings of the Board, and sign all other official documents of the Board;
      4. Serve as custodian of district funds;
      5. Record, or have recorded, the minutes of the meeting of the Board and transmit a copy of the minutes of the previous meeting(s) to each member of the Board before each regular meeting;
      6. Have charge of all records, proceedings, and documents of the Board;
      7. Furnish and file all financial reports as requested by the Board and as required by law;
      8. Maintain a record of Oregon statues and regulations; and
      9. Maintain up-to-date copies of Board Policies and Administrative Rules for board members, for staff, and public inspection.
  3. Board Committees
    The Board shall have two (2) standing committees, the Executive Committee, and the Professional Services Committee. The general purpose, duties, responsibilities and membership for these groups shall be as follows:
    1. Executive Committee – To assist the Board Chair and President with the planning of Board agendas. To coordinate the president and Board evaluation, with approval of the Board and as per Board Policy 3030. Membership: Chair, Vice Chair, one rotating Board member, and the President as a nonvoting member. Executive Committee meetings shall have meeting notes taken which will be provided to each Board member.
    2. Professional Services Committee - To review, recommend and select the college’s auditing firm, insurance agent, and attorneys; to evaluate the audit report presented by the auditing firm. Membership: Three (3) Board members and the Vice President of Finance and Operations as a nonvoting member.
    3. Ad hoc committees may be developed as needed for a defined purpose and period of time as determined by the full Board. At the request of the Board, ad hoc committees may be asked to provide meeting notes summarizing their discussions.

Date of Adoption: 03/10/83
Dates of Revision: 09/16/92; 07/20/11; 06/19/13; 04/16/2014; 10/21/15; 9/18/19; 10/25/23
Dates of Last Review: 04/16/2014; 10/21/15; 10/25/23