Board Policy Series Number: 2010

Title: Board Authority


To specify the sources from which the Board of Education derives its formal authority to govern the operations of the college.


Linn-Benton Community College is a two-year, publicly funded, post-secondary educational institution governed by a local elected Board of Education. The district was formed in 1966 pursuant to ORS 341.025 through 341.283 according to the expressed will of the electorate to establish a community college in Linn and Benton counties. The district is a municipal corporation of local government with the authority to levy property taxes. The college and its Board is a political subdivision of the state, authorized to carry out the state's educational policies as set forth in ORS 341.009 incorporated herein by reference.

The Board derives its authority from the expressed will of the electorate, the provisions of the Constitution of the State of Oregon, the Oregon Revised Statutes, and Oregon Administrative Rules.

Date of Adoption: 03/10/83
Dates of Revision: 09/16/92; 04/17/13
Dates of Last Review: 12/15/09; 04/17/13; 10/21/15; 9/18/19; 10/25/23