Board Policy Series Number: 2005

Title: Principle of Governance


To state the global principles of policy governance under which the LBCC Board of Education has chosen to operate.


The Board of Education will work on behalf of its constituencies and communities to ensure that Linn Benton Community College achieves the appropriate results, at an appropriate cost, to advance the college mission, vision, core themes, and strategic plans.

The Board will govern by policy. This means that the Board will establish written governing policies which, at the broadest levels, seek to address:

  1. Ends: The Board defines, with input from their constituents and college staff, which results are to be achieved, and with what resources.

  2. Executive Direction: The Board confers executive authority upon the president within the bounds of prudence and established legal and ethical standards.

  3. Governance Process: The Board shall specify how the Board conceives, carries out and monitors its own tasks.

  4. Board-President Relationship: The Board commits to clearly define the expected “ends” to be achieved, and to delegate operational authority to the President through the Board-President relationship only.

To monitor the accomplishment of “ends” and “executive direction” the Board shall ensure that accountability measures are clearly identified and reported on a frequency and method chosen by the Board.

The Board shall seek to avoid unacceptable actions by individual Board Members and as a body by consistently fulfilling its various duties in compliance with Oregon Revised Statutes.

Date of Adoption: 04/17/2013
Dates of Revision: 4/17/13
Dates of Last Review: 4/17/13; 10/21/15; 9/18/19; 10/25/23