Board Operational Procedures Series Number: 2040-B

Title: Board Meeting Resource Person Selection

  1. The president shall have resource persons at the board meetings that will serve continuously on behalf of the college’s major areas of responsibility.
  2. The faculty, classified, part-time faculty and student associations shall select one of their members annually to serve as both a representative of their association and an advisor to the board. The associations may temporarily substitute another member if the regular representative will not be available.
  3. Resource persons are advisory only with no vote on the Board. Such resource persons will be seated at a resource table at regular Board meetings as both a representative of their respective association and an advisor to the Board.  Board Meeting Resource Persons provide a written report, adding comments as appropriate, respond to any questions that Board members may have, and share with the Board any information that they deem to be relevant to items on the current meeting agenda.

Date of Adoption: 08/13/84
Dates of Revision: 06/19/13; 11/18/15; 9/18/19
Dates of Last Review: 11/18/15; 10/25/23