Board Operational Procedure Series Number: 2040-A

Title: Agenda Development


To define the process for the development of the monthly Board agenda.


  1. Board committee reports and items from individual board members should be presented by the appropriate Board member with resource support from college staff.
  2. Procedure for staff agenda item development is determined by the president and contained in Linn-Benton Community College Administrative Rules.
  3. Any board member may suggest an item for the agenda at a prior board meeting or by providing the Board Chair and the president the title of that item and an explanation for its purpose prior to the Executive Committee’s meeting.
  4. Final approval of the monthly Board agenda is at the discretion of the Board Executive Committee. The board as a whole may direct the chair to include an item in the agenda, or remove an item.

There shall be time given on the Board agenda for citizen comments, consent agenda items, generative, strategic and fiduciary activity, administrative reports, Board comments and for such other items to be included as deemed necessary and timely by the Board Executive Committee.

Date of Adoption: 03/08/84
Dates of Revision: 01/21/87; 09/16/92; 11/28/07; 06/19/13; 11/18/15; 9/18/19
Date of Last Review: 11/18/15; 10/25/23