Board Operational Procedure: 2035-A

Title: Board Policy Development, Revision, and Review

To clearly define the processes by which newly proposed, revised or reviewed policy statements are examined, developed and approved by the board.

It is the responsibility of senior administrators and board members to introduce, revise, and periodically review board policy statements and to present recommendations for policy development and revision to the Board of Education according to Board Policy 2035.

The sequences of Board Policies / Administrative Rules and the titles of those persons responsible for introducing the series are as follows:

  • 1000 series- The College– College President or designee
  • 2000 series- The Board Of Education- College President/designee and the Board of Education Chairperson
  • 3000 series- The Board / President Relationship- College President/designee and the Board of Education Chairperson
  • 4000 series- Academic Affairs – Vice President, Academic Affairs and Workforce Development
  • 5000 series- Finance and Operations – Vice President, Finance and Operations
  • 6000 series- Human Resources – Director, Human Resources
  • 7000 series- Student Services –College President and Designees
  • 8000 series- Institutional Advancement– Executive Director, Institutional Advancement

Board Policy review schedule, all board policy statements undergo one of two processes for development, examination and adoption as illustrated in the flowchart below.

Board Policy review schedule

The appropriate senior administrator will submit the proposed/revised policy statement to the college president with the reason for the policy, the proposed revision, and the corresponding Administrative Rule.

The Board may move to introduce or revise policy, or the Board may choose to utilize a sub-committee structure of their choosing to introduce policy statements or to review and recommend changes to the Board's existing policy statements.

With Presidential approval, the proposed BP is submitted to the College Council for review.

Once recommendations are made for introductions, changes or revisions, they will be shared with the president and College Council as information items so the Board may consider internal input.

Once College Council review is complete, the group may recommend to the President that the Board Policy be forwarded to the Board of Education for their review and approval.

The president/Board Chair shall schedule an introduction of the policy at the regular Board Meeting.

Following the introduction, a first reading of the policy, with proposed revisions shall be scheduled and conducted at the regular Board meeting. Board members will be advised about the purpose for the proposed policy/revisions, and have the opportunity to ask questions, provide comment and input.

After the first reading, if the Board has made recommendations for substantive changes, the proposed policy/revision shall be revised and returned to the Board for a second reading.

The second reading is held by the Board in the regular Board meeting. The Board, after the first or the second reading, may make a collective decision to adopt, reject, amend or defer the proposed/revised policy statement.

Notwithstanding the foregoing process, the board reserves the right to adopt policy, or revise existing policy, through lawfully adopted resolutions when, in their judgment, conditions warrant such action.

For the sake of efficiency, policies periodically examined as part of the regular Board policy review schedule may be reviewed by the College Council and the Board of Education concurrently. In these cases, it is the responsibility of the applicable senior administrator to coordinate the input/recommendations of both groups.

Administrative rules may be issued by the college president as statements of method or means to be used in implementing board policy. Such administrative rules shall be consistent with the intent of board policy. Administrative rules may be revised as deemed necessary by the college president.

Approved board policies and administrative rules shall be promptly published and made readily available to college employees and to the public.

Date of Adoption: 08/13/84
Dates of Revision: 06/02/92; 01/15/08; 11/20/13; 9/18/19
Dates of Last Review: 12/15/09; 11/20/13; 10/21/15; 10/25/23