Administrative Rule: 2035-01

Title: Administrative Rule Additions, Deletions, and Modifications


This rule defines the process through which the college adds, deletes or modifies the operational procedure statements that we call “administrative rules.”


  1. The proposed rule (whether an addition, deletion, or modification) is submitted in writing to the college President stating:
    1. the reason for the rule,
    2. the proposed rule, and
    3. the procedure for implementing the rule.
  2. A copy of the initial proposal is introduced to and reviewed by the members of the College Council.
  3. After this initial review, the proposal shall be sent by College Council representatives to all of the represented constituencies for review and input.  These constituencies shall include at a minimum, bargaining faculty, bargaining classified, bargaining part-time faculty, management/confidential, and student leadership.  In addition, the entire college community, including part time classified and faculty, shall have access to this process through access to the College Council agenda, which shall be made available for public viewing on an ongoing basis through the college’s web site.  Persons or groups that may not be formally represented on the College Council may provide direct input to deliberations by requesting to attend the next scheduled College Council meeting, or through the submission of written feedback to the Executive Assistant to the President.
  4. A subsequent review(s) of the proposal by College Council will take place. During this unspecified review period, suggested modifications and input will be considered and incorporated into the proposal if appropriate. At the conclusion of this review, College Council will recommend the proposal to the college president for addition to the published listing of LBCC Administrative Rules.

Notwithstanding the foregoing process, College Council may recommend new or revised rules outside the constraints of this review process when in their judgment, conditions warrant such action. For example if a legislative or accrediting body requires a change to an LBCC administrative rule, and if waiting for College Council’s deliberations would cause the college to be out of compliance with the external authority, the Council may choose to forego the regular review schedule in the best interest of the college.

In addition to individually submitted, additions, deletions or modifications, a complete review of the LBCC administrative rules will occur on the same schedule the board uses to review Board Policies.  As with Board policy review/revision, it is the responsibility of senior administrators to periodically review administrative rule statements, and to present recommendations for Administrative Rule development and revision.  If, as a result of the review, modifications to the rules are necessary, the procedure outlined above will be followed in making these modifications.

Date of Adoption: 08/13/84
Dates of Revision: 04/29/97; 05/26/98; 01/15/08; 02/13/2014; 10/3/19
Dates of Last Review: 12/15/09; 02/06/14; 10/3/19; 9/28/23