Students under the age of 16 who are officially enrolled and for whom an authorized Underage Enrollment form is on file with the ALO Coordinator have the same responsibilities, rights, and privileges of any other student in the classroom and on college properties.

This administrative rule applies to minor children under the age of 16 who are not enrolled in classes or employed by the college. This administrative rule does not apply to organized activities such as attending a registered child care facility, after school care activities, school field trips, and approved programs including, but not limited to, athletic events, theater productions, art programs, and other events directed toward children.

Under most circumstances, children are not allowed in classrooms. Faculty may make exceptions to this rule on a case-by-case basis. College staff, faculty and administrators have the authority to direct the removal of a child in accordance with this administrative rule if:

  1. The child's health or safety is at risk;
  2. The child is presenting a health, safety or liability risk to property or others;
  3. The child's behavior is causing disruption to the work of students or staff; or
  4. The presence of a child is unsuitable in such areas as:
    1. testing centers;
    2. laboratories and laboratory preparation areas;
    3. scientific, technical and maintenance work spaces;
    4. fine or performing arts work spaces or studios;
    5. areas that contain hazardous chemicals, machinery or equipment;
    6. commercial kitchens and other food preparation areas;
    7. fitness centers;
    8. computer labs; and
    9. Horse Center

Other areas may be identified as unsuitable for children as a result of a risk assessment and supervisors of the respective areas are required to inform staff and students of requirements or restrictions.

Except as otherwise specified in this administrative rule, no unsupervised children may be on college properties, including playing, roaming, and occupying campus grounds or buildings. Any college employee who determines a child is unsupervised on college properties has the responsibility to inform Security of the location of the child.

Students who fail to comply with this administrative rule may be subject to sanctions as outlined in the Students’ Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct policy.

DATE(S) OF REVISION(S): 10/04/12; 5/2/19
DATE OF LAST REVIEW: 12/15/09; 10/04/12; 5/2/19; 04/06/23