To assure reasonable steps are taken to support the college’s commitment to an environment free from violence, threats of violence, intimidation, and other like forms of behavior that may prove disruptive to the teaching and learning process, or other related administrative efforts.

The college will provide information, training, and resources that will better enable employees and/or students to identify or prevent situations that could lead to workplace violence.  Information, drills and training will also be periodically provided to employees on how best to respond when workplace violence incidents occur.

Violations of this administrative rule should be reported immediately to the Campus Public Safety Office.  Students may also report violations to the Dean of Students and employees may report violations to the Director of Human
Resources.  Any violation that presents an immediate danger should first be reported to the Campus Public Safety Office. Violations of this Rule that do not necessarily present an immediate danger may also be reported online at Report an Issue

When a report is made, the college will timely and thoroughly investigate all allegations of workplace violence, if appropriate, in cooperation with law enforcement.  In any such investigation, all known parties with relevant information will be given the opportunity to participate.  

Acts of violence in any form, and threats of violence in any form, will not be tolerated on college-owned or controlled property.  Those found through an investigatory process to be in violation of this administrative rule can expect the college to pursue all of its available remedies including (when appropriate) trespass notice, student expulsion, employee termination, and arrest.  Threats of violence shall include direct threats, coercion, harassment, intimidation or any other form of verbal or non verbal behavior that causes another to be in reasonable fear of their safety.  

As a condition of employment, no employee may possess a firearm or other deadly weapon on college owned or controlled property or in the course and scope of their work duties at offsite locations.  Unless specifically authorized by state law, no student or other visitor may possess a firearm or other deadly weapon on college owned or college controlled property, at LBCC activities or events on or off campus.  These prohibitions shall apply to firearms or deadly weapons that may be stored or carried in

vehicles which are on college owned or controlled property.  For the purpose of this rule, a deadly weapon is any device or instrument that is designed and produced for the purpose of inflicting serious physical injury or death.  Explosive and incendiary devices are also considered deadly weapons.

This prohibition against the possession of firearms and other deadly weapons shall be strictly enforced.

DATE OF ADOPTION: 03/04/08; 10/04/12
DATE(S) OF REVISION(S): 8/13/15; 04/04/19
DATE OF LAST REVIEW: 12/15/09; 10/04/12; 8/13/15; 04/04/19; 04/06/23