LBCC Governance Structure

governance structure

Progression Council

Progression Council is tasked with assessing performance and making recommendations toward strategically organizing our college in support of student access, persistence, progression, and completion.

Workforce Council

Workforce and Economic Vitality Council is tasked with assessing our relationship and success in meeting the needs of our business and economic community and making recommendations to expand and update.

Learning Innovation Council

Learning Innovation Council is responsible for assessing the effectiveness of our teaching and learning strategies, introducing innovations in pedagogy , and developing professional development opportunities.


(Innovation Sphere)

MERIT is responsible for the college's work to remain fully accredited and uses annual and historic data to assess the extent to which we have achieved and//or made progress toward our mission and strategic goals.


(Operations Sphere)

COLLEGE COUNCIL provides clear and sustained focus on the on-going administrative activities of the College by offering advice, consultation, and recommendation in the pursuit of institutional goals and purposes. Provides an avenue by which ideas and information regarding college administration is disseminated and collected for discussion.

Academic Affairs Council

Academic Affairs Council assists with instructional leadership at LBCC by determining instructional priorities and practices and helping groups determine the appropriate venue for addressing issues.

Safety & Physical Plant

Safety & Physical Plant identifies and eliminates risks on our campus and prevent accidents and illnesses.

Student Leadership Council

Student Leadership Council serves as the liaison between the ASLBCC and college administration.

IT Governance

IT Governance is responsible for providing LBCC faculty, students, and staff with support for a wide range of technologies.