Veterinary Assistant

This certificate program provides prospective veterinary assistants with education and experience in commonly used medical and surgical techniques, as well as an understanding of common disease states of animals. The program also provides an introduction to animal hospital management, business procedures and job preparation skills. Students will be able to step into an entry-level position with the confidence and competence necessary to be a productive addition to the staff.

Each week the program focuses on one or more related topics and laboratory time devoted to reinforcing those topics. Guest speakers, including board-certified specialists and industry representatives, cover specific areas. The curriculum focuses primarily on small animal species, but information regarding large animal species is incorporated wherever possible.

The cooperative work experience takes place in area veterinary clinics and hospitals. A group of up to 24 students completes the training together and attends class for approximately 35 hours a week. Four weeks of clinicals are spent working and observing in a local veterinary clinic or hospital. The program is eligible for financial aid.

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