Online Math Courses

The following information will help you to get you started: 

What You Need to Know

Taking an online course is different from taking an in-class course. Find out what to expect from the class, and what is expected of you.

Materials You Will Need

You need the text book and module packet for the online class and a calculator. To get the access code for the course computer software, you may need to purchase a new textbook.

Online Orientation Information

You must do the orientation! You may be dropped from your class if you don't complete all the steps in the online orientation by Wednesday of the first week of term.


Your instructor is available by email or in person to answer your questions. In addition, LBCC Learning Centers provide math drop-in help. Find out what hours the help desks are open as well as more resources.

Advice From Others

Check out advice from students who have gone before you, including things they wished they had known or done.