Self-Directed Math Home Page

Winter Term 2013

Welcome to the Self-Directed Math program at LBCC!  Check out the following information to get you started on your self-directed math experience.

What You Need to Know

Taking an online course is different from being in a classroom. Find out more about what to expect from the class, as well as what we expect of you.

What Materials You Will Need

Even though this is an online class, you still need a text book, a calculator and a module packet. However, the materials are slightly different from the classroom based math classes. Additionally,you may need to purchase a new textbook (in order to get an access code to the course software).

How to Complete the Online Orientation

This is a must-do! You may be dropped from your class for failure to complete all the steps in the online orientation by the first Wednesday of the quarter.

What Resources are Available

In addition to the book and software, you still have an instructor that you can ask questions, either by email or in person. Each of the four LBCC campuses has a Math Help Desk where you can get drop-in help with questions. Find out what hours the help desks are open as well as more resources.

Advice From Others

See what students who have gone before you had to say, including things they wished they had known or done.