Job Search Strategies & Online Job Search Links


Job Search Checklist

Use Oregon Labor Market Information System (OLMIS) to locate specific job titles, skills used, and employers. Access OLMIS and select Occupations under Data Tools, Occupational Information Center and enter job title in Key Word Search box. Check out Current Employment Dept. Job Openings and Job Openings from the Web, Industries of Employment (employer database), Skills and Related Occupations.

checkbox Clearly Identify Jobs You Are Targeting and Develop Alternative Options
Being clear about what jobs you are pursuing will help you focus your work search. Determine specific job titles and related job titles. For example: Engineer, Warehouse Supervisor, Sales Representative, and industries or specific companies/agencies hiring people with your training. For example: Entek, Nike, Allann Bros. 

checkbox Identify Employers’ Needs
After determining what type of job you are seeking and the potential employers, determine what skills and qualifications these employers are seeking by talking directly with people in that field; reading specific job descriptions; utilizing Career Information System (CIS) or OLMIS, talking to a Career and Employment Specialist, Counselor or faculty member. Researching organizations on the Internet and networking at Job/Career Fairs are also helpful activities. 

checkbox Relate Your Skills
Consider your past work history, academic background, internships, volunteer experience, overseas travel, on-campus club involvement, and other activities that have allowed you to develop applicable skills. Use your knowledge of what skills and qualifications employers are looking for and determine what you have done that has helped you acquire those skills. For example, if one of the skills is the ability to write well, and you have been a reporter for The Commuter and have also contributed an article to the Albany-Democrat Herald, then both these items should appear on your resume.

checkbox Prepare Your Resume 
Follow the link for the Career and Counseling Center's guide for preparing a great resume. Be sure to check the cover letter guide as well.

checkbox Prepare for Interviewing
Follow the link for the Career and Counseling Center's guide on how to prepare for interviews, how to interview, and how to follow up after an interview. 

checkbox See a Career and Employment Specialist
Career and Employment Specialists can help to answer any of your job search related questions. They will also look over your resume and cover letter and suggest revisions to make them as competitive as possible. Contact your Career and Counseling Center to make an appointment today!
checkbox Other Needs?
Check out Diversity and Equity Employment Support or make an appointment to see a Career and Employment Specialist if you have questions about any part of the job search process.

Online Job Search Links 

The links provided below are to websites not affiliated with, or maintained by LBCC. They are provided as a convenience to assist with your self-guided job search.

Local Job Search Sites
LBCC Career Connections

National Job Search Sites
America’s Job Bank


Local Temporary Employment Agencies (PDF)
Seeking work through a temporary employment agency is an excellent way to “get your foot in the door” with a company.