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    This two-year degree prepares students to major in Religious Studies at Oregon State University. The Associate of Science degree offers coursework in the study of religion and philosophy, as well as a broad education in the liberal arts.

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  • Why Learn About Religion?
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  • Why Should You Get This Degree?

    Taking a religion class is not just about learning what others believe. The study of religion is also the study of psychology, philosophy, history, geography, languages, sacred texts, archaeology, etc. An academic religion class is not designed to convince or convert you. Rather, it will challenge you to think deeply about your own beliefs and why you believe them. It will encourage you to see the benefits and beauty of other worldviews you've never considered before. Even more than this, a religion class will make you a better citizen of the world because it will help you identify where your hidden biases and prejudices lie.

    A Religious Studies emphasis will complement any major or career that deals with people. Not only are we doing more business, war, and politics on a diverse global scale, but we live in an increasingly diverse country as well. A proper knowledge and understanding of others leads to cooperation, healing, and peace!

  • Career Information

    All career information and statistics listed below are based off of the State of Oregon.

    Careers for a religious studies major are traditionally associated with teaching positions (college or private high school) and religious leader positions (priest, pastor, or other ecumenical or interfaith positions). A religious studies minor can be an invaluable addition to almost any major or career dealing with people in any way. Religious studies graduates often go on to further career training and jobs in:

    • Marketing and management
    • The government, foreign service, or the Peace Corps
    • Nonprofit or non-governmental organizations
    • Law
    • Medicine
    • Museums and the arts

    Median Earnings: Annual Openings:
    Median Earnings: Annual Openings:
    Median Earnings: Annual Openings:
  • Religious Service Visits

    Some classes include an assignment designed for you to experience a religious tradition other than your own. In a small group, you and your colleagues will experience a religious service you have never experienced before. Many students are apprehensive about this assignment in the beginning. However, most students find it to be the highlight of the whole class by the end of the term. Don't worry-within the first few weeks of the term we cover topics like what to expect and proper etiquette before you strike out on this assignment. Just as most religions are meant to be experienced communally, you will be doing this in a group.