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Degree Partnership Program

The Degree Partnership Program (DPP) promotes educational attainment and bachelor's degree completion by allowing students to be jointly admitted and concurrently enrolled at Oregon State University and Linn-Benton Community College. Previously referred to as the "Dual Enrollment Program", the DPP was established in 1998 by Oregon State University and Linn-Benton Community College. Students complete a single admission application and may combine credits for financial aid eligibility.

The program is open to all U.S. citizens and residents pursuing their bachelor's degree. Many students in the program also earn an associate's degree.

Program Goals:

  • Improve student access, success, and baccalaureate degree completion.
  • Expand student options for college-level services and curriculum.Improve academic program articulation.
  • Facilitate university/community college dual enrollment.


Since DPP began in 1998 to the end of winter term 2011:
OSU and Linn-Benton Community College, have enrolled 10,344 students, with 4,282 completing OSU degrees (BA or BS or BFA or HBS or HBA).

Check out this breakdown for LBCC Degree Partnership students.


Advantages for Students:

  • One application process and fee for admission to both institutions.
  • Financial aid administered by one campus.
  • Academic advising available on both campuses.
  • Tuition savings for studentsGreater access to more classes and flexibility in scheduling
    (Note: Graduate students are not eligible for DPP.).
  • Student services and college life on both campuses.
  • Access to library and computer resources on both campuses.
  • Easier transition from community college to university.
  • Improved academic program articulation and course transfer

Did you know?

  • All freshmen students in OSU's College of Forestry are enrolled in DPP.
    • Approximately 39% of OSU College of Forestry students take courses at LBCC.
  • Many OSU Ecampus students enroll in DPP in order to complete required laboratory courses.
  • DPP enrollment of students taking at least 1 credit or more at LBCC increased 13% from fall 2009.
  • LBCC has over two dozen associate of science degrees that contain many of the baccalaureate core courses and lower-division transfer courses required by OSU degrees.
  • Approximately 40% of students earning a bachelor's degree from OUS institutions transferred from an Oregon community college.
  • DPP students graduate from OSU with an average of 19 fewer credits than other transfer students. This represents a significant reduction in the cost of a college four-year degree.

Click below to download promotional material:

DPP Informational Flyer

DPP Postcard


DPP Contacts

Linn-Benton Community College
Phone: 541-917-4237

Partnerships Office at LBCC (MKH-111)
Phone: 541-917-4230


Oregon State University
Rick DeBellis, OSU Associate Director of Enrollment Management
Phone: 541-737-2790

Kayleen Salchenberg Steeves
Phone: 541-737-2562