Grants Office

Welcome! We are in the process of updating this site, adding tools that align with our new and improved centralized Grant Development Process to ensure that LBCC is taking a strategic approach to our grant pursuits. We are excited to improve collaboration, avoid duplication of efforts, and provide assistance in proposal management, budget preparation and grant writing. Stay tuned as we roll out these updates!

Meanwhile, begin the LBCC grant process by emailing me for approval before formally preparing any grant proposals.  Please include:

  • brief description of your grant
  • funding agency/organization                 Money Tree
  • due date
  • expected total value

 I will help you:

  • Find potential funding sources
  • Find data to strengthen the content of your proposal
  • Work with the business office to put together your budget
  • Write a compliant grant that tells your story!

Additional Questions?
Call me!  Nicole Ballinger, Ext. 4408