Additional Tests Administered

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The Spanish placement test is a 75 question, multiple choice and fill-in the blank, exam. Placements range from Spanish 101 to 201 based on your knowledge of the Spanish language. 


The chemistry placement test is designed for students that have completed one year of high school chemistry and math 95. The chemistry placement test includes 50 multiple choice questions. The three parts of this test are mathematics, problem solving, and general chemistry. A score of 30  will allow students to bypass chemistry 150.


The digital literacy exam covers terminology, an overview of computer and information science, basic concepts of computer hardware and software systems, software applications etc. the ability to recognize various computing devices, identify parts of the computer and functions, understand system utilities, backups and file management. A working knowledge of Office Suite 2013 (basic word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software) is recommended. This exam is a 2 hour exam that includes 1 concept exam and 2 skill exams. This exam costs $10 and can only be taken once. A score of 70% will allow students to bypass CS 120.

These tests are by appointment only, contact Student Assessment at 541-917-4781 to schedule an appointment.