Student Profile

Amanda McDougall
Hometown: Kona, Hawaii; Kealakehe High School
LBCC/OSU Degree Partnership Student
LBCC Student Body President
Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree (AAOT), Education, 2014

My experience with the LBCC/OSU Degree Partnership Program (DPP) started when I decided to move to Oregon from my home state of Hawaii. I had planned to transfer from the UH to Oregon State University, but discovered my math was not at college level. That's when I learned about the degree partnership program.

LBCC is a great place! The smaller class sizes and personal attention really helped me to excel. Enrolling in the program allowed me to catch up on my math, but while here I found there was so much more to do. I joined LBCC Student Life and Leadership, where I served two years as the student body president - a great experience! 

And you can take your bacc core classes here, which is cheaper than the university, and still receive a quality education, then transfer your credits and finish your four-year degree at OSU.

Community college is a good place to get your feet wet. The smaller class sizes and cozier college atmosphere help you get familiar with college life. A lot of my LBCC instructors helped shape what I wanted to do, including Christy Stevens, Liz Pearce, David Bird and Mark Urista. They gave me a lot of personal time, and helped me to make sure I was taking the correct classes for transfer.

I’m already applying what I learned from my time at LBCC at the preschool where I work. Durning my last year here, I was taking classes at both LBCC and OSU. Now I've fully transferred to OSU. The transfer process was fairly easy, and I’m working on finishing my bachelors degree in Education.


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