Programs of Study


Learn the skills needed for a career working with animals, growing crops and farm management. Areas of study include agriculture, farming, animal management, and agriculture business management. -

Business and Computer Sciences

Learn the skills needed to work in the high tech world of computers. Areas of study include computer programming, web design, and various fields of business such as healthcare administration, entrepreneurship or accounting.

Education, Arts, and Society

Learn about human behavior, how society works, education or the arts. Areas of study include psychology, history, criminal justice, education and more.


Learn to assist injured or ailing patients and help bring them back to wellness.

Manufacturing and Transportation

Discover hands-on skills and programs that provide excellent training toward degrees, certifications to get you into the work force.

Nutrition, Health and Food

Learn what it takes to manage a healthy live-style whether personal, public or professional, including the art and science of food.

Sciences and Engineering

Learn how to use science and engineering to study the natural world or to help advance the world around you.

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