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Foreign Languages

Foreign language classes earning transfer credit will prepare you to meet foreign language requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree. We also offer a wide variety of conversational foreign languages to meet community interests and the needs of local employers and workers in health care, criminal justice, and education.

Transfer Credit Foreign Language classes are offered each term to help you build proficiency in a foreign language. These classes earn 4 transfer credits and stress speaking, reading and writing. Please note: You may enter any class at any level, but the classes need to be taken in sequence.

  • First and Second Year Spanish

Conversational Foreign Language classes are offered through LBCC Centers in Albany and Corvallis. They include:

  • Beginning conversation classes in Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Latin, and Russian
  • Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced conversation classes in French and Spanish
  • Beginning and Intermediate classes in American Sign Language I and II