The LBCC logo is for use on any and all official college publications. Letterhead, envelopes, etc. are available from Printing Services. All materials printed for distribution to the public, (i.e., all except materials used in classrooms or within offices and for staff only) must be created by or in cooperation with the College Advancement/Marketing Office.

The logo file provided here is in jpg format and should be compatable with most word processing and page layout software. Please be sure to read the rules of use before using the logo.

Please note: LBCC has one official college logo. It's consistent and proper use assures a consistant and clear image of the college in the community. Unique logos for individual departments or program logos should not be used. The Marketing office can create a variation of the college logo for departments and programs, as shown below:

benton center department logo

LBCC Logo Rules of Use:

  • Do not stretch, distort or otherwise alter the logo.
  • Do not use the logo in combination with any other logo or design elements. The logo may appear next to another logo or design element, but should not be combined with anything that would imply that it is a "new" logo.
  • The logo cannot appear smaller than 1/2 inch wide. A display width of at least 3/4 inch is preferable.
  • Allow comfortable visual space for the logo by not placing text or graphics too close.

Download the black lbcc logo jpg here

Download the blue lbcc logo jpg here