Strategic Objectives

Linn-Benton Community College Strategic Objectives for 2016-2017

    1. Instill college-wide ownership and responsibility for LBCC Goals attainment (MERIT and Ann and Greg)
      • a) Employ MERIT Mission Themes and Objectives to “flesh out” Mission and Goals and to help faculty and staff see their particular roles in their attainment.
      • b) Revise and improve both program review and departmental review to document and track attainment of institutional and strategic goals.
      • c) Develop and implement Human Resources practices that address Mission and Goals with applicants and orient new employees to our strategies for their attainment.
    2. Develop and/or modify existing policies and practices so that they represent intentional actions to build a culture that exhibits our Goals and Values (Values, Inclusion, and Cultural Engagement Council (VICE) and Javier)
      • a) Provide more resources for faculty and staff, including Professional Development opportunities for developing cultural competency.
      • b) Develop an Accessibility Plan, together with implementation strategy, to incorporate students with disabilities into our commitment to Inclusion.
      • c) Develop polices and resources for employees to improve their ability to interact with others whose values, opinions, and/or beliefs differ from their own.
    3. Implement the Guided Pathways Project and its initiatives across the whole campus (Guided Pathways Core Team, Learning and Innovations Council and Ann)
    4. Improve the Fall-to-Fall retention of our students as a “first metric” for improved student success. (Progression Council and Bruce)
    5. Focus our Capital Construction efforts on the development of the Benton Center expansion. (Facilities Master Plan Advisory Committee (FMPAC) and Dave)
    6. Continue to improve our responsiveness to the changing needs of regional industries and other community employers (Workforce and Economic Vitality Council (WEVC) and Gary)
      • a) Development of recommendations based on a business and industry needs assessment
      • b) Expand and Update our Career-Technical programs in response to (and anticipation of) local industry needs and a State focus on the "Middle 40" of 40-40-20
      • c) Develop and Implement comprehensive plan of CTE program development and continuous improvement, including HS partnerships, Contract Training, SBDC and SBM, CTE, new programs, and business partnerships.
      • d) Expand the Pipeline Program to more schools in our District.
    7. Respond to the recommendations and findings of our Accreditation Report, Facilities Master Plan and Technology Master Plan (MERIT for accreditation; FMPAC for Facilities Master Plan; Information Technology Governance Committee (ITGC) for the Technology Master Plan)
    8. Recognizing the critical nature of this upcoming year, actively promote polices and legislation at the State and National levels that advance the work of our Community Colleges, and LBCC in particular. (Greg and John)