CCSSE (Community College Survey of Student Engagement)

What is CCSSE?

"CCSSE provides information on student engagement, a key indicator of learning and, therefore, of the quality of community colleges. The survey, administered to community college students, asks questions that assess institutional practices and student behaviors that are correlated highly with student learning and student retention. The CCSSE survey is a versatile, research-based tool appropriate for multiple uses. It is a benchmarking instrument, establishing national norms on educational practice and performance by community and technical colleges; a diagnostic tool, identifying areas in which a college can enhance students' educational experiences; and monitoring device, documenting and improving institutional effectiveness over time." --from


Benchmark Fact Sheets

Benchmark Summary

Active and Collaborative Learning

Student Effort

Academic Challenge

Student-Faculty Interaction

Support for Learners


2014 Detailed Data

Benchmarks           Frequencies           Means
Overall   Overall   Overall
Enrollment Status   Enrollment Status
Enrollment Status
Gender   Gender   Gender
Age   Age   Age
Race/Ethnicity   Race/Ethnicity   Race/Ethnicity
First-Generation   First-Generation   First-Generation
Developmental   Developmental   Developmental


Past Detailed Data

2011 Benchmark Results   2011 Percentage Results
2008 Benchmark Results           2008 Percentage Results
2006 Benchmark Results   2006 Percentage Results


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