Software Installation Guidelines for Computer Classrooms & Lecterns


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Computer Lab Support Specialists have established the following guidelines to facilitate the many requests for software and Google Apps changes in LBCC Computer Labs. If you are about to request a software change in any LBCC Computer Lab, it is important to be familiar with, and follow these guidelines before filling out the Software Installation Request Form (SIRF) at the bottom of this page. By following these software installation guidelines we can accommodate most software installation requests. Please understand that some software may not be able to be installed on our lab machines.

How do I get software installed in a lab?

After reading these guidelines, just click the link at the bottom of this page to open and fill out the Software Installation Request Form (SIRF). Please fill out a separate SIRF for each application. Be sure to supply accurate contact information in the event a Computer Lab Specialist needs to clarify something with you. Include any special configuration instructions (ie, 'Please set default folder to Downloads'), and check all applicable Location boxes to indicate where you'd like your software to be installed.

When do I need to request my software installation?

To allow adequate time to test and install new software, SIRFs are due on the same date as book orders are due in the Bookstore for the next term. A reminder email about using the SIRF to request software is sent to the EVERYONE group two weeks before the due date.

What happens if I don't meet the deadline for turning in the SIRF?

We will make every effort to install the software in a timely manner to minimize the impact on the students' learning experience. However, it takes time to configure, test and install software on multiple computers in multiple locations. Last minute SIRFs can have a disruptive impact on existing work loads and tight schedules. In the event overtime is required, overtime costs may be charged back to the Department or Division requiring the software.

Does the software comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

LBCC is required to use technology that is accessible to every student. Under new laws, we may not wait for a disability request to design access. Therefore, prior to purchasing or using software for student use, you must determine how students with disabilities (low vision, blind, deaf, etc.) will be able to access the full benefits of this program. You may consult with Disability Services for guidance; they will not be able to do programming for you, but they will be able to help you assess accessibility. Please do not purchase or recommend any software until LBCC's legal requirement to design equal access has been met. 

Why is it that some software can't be installed?

Not ADA compliant: ALL software in use at LBCC must conform to ADA guidelines, or have pre-established alternatives that provide students with disabilities equal access to the full benefits of the software.

Data Security: The addition of some applications or web plug-ins can cause security breaches in the college computer systems, and can make the information stored on computers available for off-campus unauthorized access.

Shareware/Freeware constraints: These programs usually require licensing after a set time limit and Linn-Benton Community College can be held accountable for unlicensed software. Shareware and freeware programs can also cause disruption with system files and can harbor viruses.

Incompatibility issues: Testing and troubleshooting may bring incompatibly issues to light. DVDs or CDs included in textbooks often require the user to run a setup program to be able to access the data on the CD. Installations of these programs can over-write system files on the target computer(s) and can cause unexplained system crashes and/or existing software to not function as desired.

Licensing: The software is not appropriately licensed for use at LBCC. If you are not sure about the licensing status of the application you are requesting, please contact the Staff Help Desk. Information Services provides centralized purchasing of Microsoft products and some other applications, and can answer your questions and provide purchasing assistance. The Department or Division requesting software installation is responsible for the purchase, maintenance, and proof of software licenses for any applications not centrally managed by Information Services.

Duplication The feature(s) of the requested software are available via other previously installed software. Contact the appropriate Computer Lab Specialist listed below for more information.

How do Computer Lab Specialists solve software problems?

Licensed, ADA-compliant software is first installed and tested on a test machine. Problems encountered during this process are often resolved by contacting the software manufacturer. You may be requested to test it, also.

In which Computer Lab should my software be installed?

See the LBCC Computer Labs listed below. These provide computers, general software, and assistance for students to complete assignments using various applications and Internet resources. Some computer labs offer special software such as Diet Analysis, Accounting, Programming, Graphics, or other instructor requested software. In addition, there are some program-specific computer labs for courses in Computer/Business, Digital Imaging, Engineering Graphics, Electronics and Math, and Distance Education.

Who can I call if I need help or have questions?

Any Computer Lab Specialist can answer questions about their Computer Lab or the SIRF. If you aren't sure which person to ask, or have general questions about LBCC Computer Labs, contact Shelly Ellingson at 541-917-4362.


Location Specialist Phone
Albany Learning Center Shay Newman 541-917-4698
ATTC Lance Search 541-917-4553
Benton Center Leighana Coe 541-757-8944 x5108
Center for Accessibility Alf Price 541-917-4473
Digital & Imaging Graphics Sheena Schrock 541-917-4383
Engineering Graphics Lance Search 541-917-4553
Forum F202 Alf Price 541-917-4473
Health Occupations Ctr Sheena Schrock 541-917-4383
Industrial Technology Lance Search 541-917-4553
Lebanon Center Sheena Schrock    541-259-5817
Library (Albany Campus) Shay Newman 541-917-4698
Luckiamute Steve Gribble 541-917-4361
Madrone Hall Leighana Coe 541-917-4351
McKenzie Hall Alf Price 541-917-4473
Sweet Home Center Sheena Schrock 541-917-4383
White Oak Hall Steve Gribble 541-917-4361
Writing Labs (IA232. NSH108) Sheena Schrock 541-917-4383


By continuing and/or submitting a SIRF, I agree I have read, understand, and will comply with the Guidelines above.

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