Online Forms

The forms below are intended for printing only; some may allow filling in information before printing. None are intended to be submitted online. You must also have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (if you don't, just contact the Staff Help Desk ).

Click the form below to bring it on screen, then click the Print button on your browser to print it.

Logon Request Form
Use this form to obtain a UserID and password to access the LBCC Network and Banner. Employment with LBCC is a pre-requisite, and signatures are required.

Computer Equipment Request Form
Use this form to request additional computer equipment for your department. This form is for computer-related 'capital expense' purchases over $500, including requests for high-end (over $500) laser printers.

Noncontracted Request Form
Use this form to request access to Banner for noncontracted employees.

Software Installation Request Form