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Currently asked questions

  • What constitutes as sick leave hours?

HR and other administrators agree that the student contact hours are part of the 40 hours sick-leave bank. However there is no definite answer yet if office hours are included or not.


Questions asked before and during the negotiations stage (2014-2016)


Why do we need an Association for PT Faculty?
  • As a bargaining unit, the Association for PT Faculty grants us a seat at the table to negotiate a contract. This provides us a voice in the discussion of our wages and the conditions under which we work.
  • Our collective voice allows us to have influence in decisions that affect us and our students.
  • There is strength in numbers. As a bargaining unit, the Association allows each of us to receive representation in employment grievances and greater job security.
  • We need to work together for equitable pay for the service we provide.

Who can join PTFA?

The bargaining unit represents anyone whose pay is based on the part-time faculty salary schedule and who is teaching 3 or more credits in a term (and is not part of any other bargaining unit). There are instructors who get paid according to "equivalent credits" and as long as they are on the same salary schedule, they can be counted in the "official" count.

Any part-time faculty can still become a member of the Association if they teach less than 3 credits but won't be considered a part of the official "bargaining unit". The dues for such membership are $10 per term.

Currently there are around 200 of part-time instructors teaching credit classes.

What do we get out of an Association?

As a bargaining unit, we seek a contract comparing contracts that other Oregon Community Colleges use for their part-time associations.

These contracts address the following:  

  • salary schedules
  • benefits (including retirement, health insurance, and professional development and training funds)  
  • workload
  • scheduling (most provide year-long schedules based on instructor’s written preferences)  
  • paid training  
  • absences & leave  
  • representation and process for grievances  
  • academic freedom & intellectual property

How much will an Association cost?

As an Association, we are the future officers, the future negotiators of our Association. We set our bargaining priorities, and we will speak for ourselves.  

  • The membership dues are $30.- per term.  
  • Other community colleges with bargaining Associations have dues considerably higher because they belong to national unions (OEA and NEA). (Lane: $34/month and Chemeketa: $43/month) The additional cost covers the support they get from those organizations. We will be without that support so will have to create our own funding to cover the time for negotiation.

Our Negotiations Team will be able to negotiate on our behalf for better wages and benefits through a legal and binding contract, and our leadership will then enforce the contract and represent us if we encounter any day-to-day problems at work. By joining together, we have the collective strength to make sure we get decent contracts and fair treatment.

Am I required to join the PT Association?

Membership is not mandatory however dues are deducted from the payroll for those teaching 3 or more credits a term. There are exceptions according to Oregon law (religious, non-profit donation in kind, etc.). Membership for those teaching less than 3 credit are optional and dues are $10 per term.

What is my employee job classification title?

You can indicate the Department you work in and use the title of Instructor. The official shortcut for part-time faculty is PTNC or part-time non-contract faculty.

Will there be retaliation if I support an Association?

According to the Oregon Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act, it is illegal for management to retaliate against us for demanding your right to organize. We have also received encouragement and support from LB’s President, Executive Vice President, HR and the Board.


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