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Survey Results

Survey Results


173 members participated in the survey which is approximately 80% of our membership.

The first thing we wanted to know is how many would accept the college's proposal to remain on the reduced salary schedule with a COLA adjustment and step.  The responses show slightly more than 50% said "no."  This is important because it says to the team that, while many of our members support some concession with the College, most do not want to continue our level of sacrifice at its current level.

Of the next three proposals, there were more yes votes to going back to our original salary schedule with a step (and COLA) than going to our schedule without a step or reducing days in order to save positions.  Substantially less than a majority, though, favored this approach of not offering a compromise to the College.  Putting answers together, a clear majority favored working with the College in some fashion.

Based on this, we plan to meet with the college on Tuesday and will let them know that we do not accept their proposal.  Instead we plan to propose that we move back to our salary schedule because it is important to get us back to where we started with the 2008-2013 Contract.  Knowing that our membership is split on this decision, we will present to our membership a proposal to not take a step increase for this final year of our contract, to show that we are sensitive to the financial constraints of the College and we are willing to work with them.  This reflects again that almost 50% of our members were willing to accept the College's proposal as is.

We will set up a couple of forums to discuss this more and answer questions you may have about the process.  We will also be able to share the College's response to our proposal.  If they accept it, we will have a vote of the membership.  If the majority of our members vote that we should still continue forward with moving to our salary schedule(COLA) and step increases, then that is what we will do.

We appreciate all of your input.