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         President’s Report

             April 2015

Greg Hamann



“Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.”

Leo Ernest Durocher
(1905-1991, nicknamed Leo the Lip,
American infielder and manager in Major League Baseball)



On Friday, March 27th and Saturday, March 28th, thanks to a few cancelled activities and a cold that kept me from more active engagements, I got to attend my first few Roadrunner Baseball games in more than a couple of years and, true to Leo the Lip’s quote, there’s a lot that I did not understand. But this I DID see, and understand…… I saw a group of young men who encouraged each other, supported each other, and played as a team and not as a bunch of individuals. I saw a coach who treated his players with respect, guided and instructed and encouraged them, and kept them in the game. I saw and talked with parents and even grandparents of players who were among the “standing room only crowd” there to watch their young men play. And I saw our LBCC Roadrunners Baseball Team win all four games!

There’s a lot going on here at LBCC and it’s easy to get drawn into (and, if you’re me, perhaps even begin to lead) the frenetic pace of it all. But the pace of Baseball, well………. It forces me to slow down, to reflect, and to give thanks for a world around me that is full of great things, and great people. It’s a world of passionate faculty and staff who are doing great things; a world of students who are working toward a better life for themselves, their families, their communities; a world of dedicated community partners who are helping us move forward; and yes, a world of students and families and friends gathered for a doubleheader on a Saturday afternoon.

Most of activity of the past month is highlighted in the past two “Bi-Weekly Community Activity Reports” and I won’t repeat off of that here, but I do want to call attention to three items that I believe will significantly define our future.

Workforce Development Partnerships

With the City of Albany’s approval of $2.9 million in support for the Albany Area Workforce Development Initiative, it’s full speed ahead for an amazing partnership of area businesses, city, chamber of commerce, school districts, and LBCC in collaboratively creating 500+ new jobs and the well-educated and skilled workforce to fill them over the next 3-5 years. Lots of work ahead but so much has already been accomplished that we are now preparing to do a presentation on these Workforce Development Partnerships at the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Congress in October! So many have worked so hard to get us this far and, while I am sure (and pre-emptively apologetic) that I will miss some critical players, here are just a few who have worked to make this possible:
• Jim Merryman, LBCC Board and Oregon Freeze Dry CEO
• Dave Becker, LBCC Dean for CTE Programs
• John McArdle, LBCC Development and Government Relations Director
• Dave Henderson, LBCC VP for Finance and Operations
• Janet Steele, Albany Chamber of Commerce Executive Director
• Marie Delapoer, GAPS Superintendent
• Wes Hare, Albany City Manager
• Kate Porsche, Albany ?Economic Development & Urban Renewal Director


Green Transportation Summit

While most at LBCC may not even know what this is, this annual west coast summit of businesses, government agencies, and individuals who are interested in and invested in the conversion of the transportation industry to “greener,” cleaner, and more efficient fuels, is being hosted by US! The LBCC Advanced Transportation Center and our own Gary Price, Brian Trice, and Bryan Schiedler are drawing the kind of positive regional and national attention that makes us the obvious host for such an event. This is a “game changer” for us and it helps set an aggressive and exciting direction for all of our industrial career-technical programs. This year’s Green Transportation Summit is being held on April 21st and 22nd at the Portland Expo Center. You can learn more about the Summit at


Vice President for Academic Affairs and Workforce Development


LBCC is a lot of things to a lot of people but, at our core, we are a place where education is given its greatest opportunity to change lives for the better. And, in order to be and to do this well, we need a really strong, talented and dedicated Academic Vice President, which is why I am so excited about the two finalists for this position that Beth Hogeland will be leaving at the end of June. Like Beth and Carol and the many Academic VPs that have preceded them, these two finalists have the capacity to keep teaching and learning in the forefront of all we do, and to lead us in “engaging in an education that enables all of us to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from the cultural richness and economic vitality of our communities.” It was an amazingly strong pool of applicants but, from them the Search Committee has helped me select these two for LBCC campus interviews:
                       Dr. Ann Buchele, on April 28-29
                       Dr. Eileen Abel, on May 5-6

Spring In-Service on April 16th and then off the San Antonio for the 95th Annual AACC Convention…… I could use another baseball game!






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