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         President’s Report

             January 2015

Greg Hamann




A move back to the damp-cool weather of the near sea level Willamette Valley from the sunny and very dry 70’s of Puebla, Mexico at 7,000’, bringing with me 26 pages of “journaling,” about 500 pictures, a bit of newly acquired Spanish language, and dozens upon dozens of still unsorted memories and thoughts from our two months there……… “re-acclimating” is a nice word or the as-of-yet-incomplete process of reorienting myself to the work, school, town, and state that I call “home.” With that in mind, my President’s Report for this month will be brief.

First and foremost, I want to thank the LBCC Board for making it possible for me to spend these past two months on Professional Development Leave. Back in November before I left, LBCC faculty member Christy Stevens counseled me to think about “professional development” not only in terms of what new knowledge and skill I might acquire but how the experience might renew my person and my passion for what I already know and do…… THIS WAS GREAT ADVICE! I come back from Mexico not exactly fluent in Spanish but renewed in my love for this work and for the people we serve. Thanks to members of the Board (and to Christy Stevens too!).

Second, I want to thank our amazing administrative leadership – especially Beth Hogeland – for covering all of the bases in my absence. It was great to know that I did not have to “keep an eye” on things back here at LBCC while I was in Mexico (and they were sure not to let me!), confident that all would be well when I returned. We at LBCC are blessed with great faculty, staff, and administrators, and my time away would not have been possible if this were not true. Thanks!

Que es genial estar en casa!


 Puebla #3       Puebla, Mexico






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