Past Updates

July 2017 - Industrial A, B and C buildings (IA, IB, IC)?

Electrical work will be done over summer term in Industrial C south to provide power for Welding Fabrication, which will move into the space in August. Final remodel in IC for fabrication will take place during summer 2018. IC north will be remodeled to accommodate Pipe Welding during winter or spring 2018. 

Remodel of the middle section of Industrial A (former automotive shop) to accommodate the Mechatronics/Industrial Maintenance program will begin in September. Mechatronics will move from IB and IC north into IA in December during winter break.

Remodel of Industrial B east (current Mechatronics lab) for Machine Tool expansion is scheduled to begin in January 2018. This is part one of a two part remodel in IB Machine Tool expansion. Once IB east is finished, Machine Tool will move from IB west to IB east, and IB west remodel will begin.

Program locations after all remodels completed:

IA east: Welding Program?IA middle: Mechatronics Program?IA west: Non-Destructive Test Program
IB: Machine Tool
IC north: Pipe Welding?IC south: Welding Fabrication

March 2017

Industrial A renovation is underway for the Mechatronics/Industrial Maintenance Program. The program is scheduled to move over the winter break at the end of December.?Non-destructive Test and Evaluation Program equipment is installed. A Grand Opening is planned for sometime in April.

December 2016

Industrial A renovation for the new Non-destructive Test and Evaluation Program is complete, and classes are being held in the renovated space. Equipment purchases should be complete by the end of December, with installation to follow.

Industrial C renovation is on hold until summer. Welding and fabrication classes are currently using a portion of the space, which previously housed the Heavy Equipment Diesel program.

November 2016

Industrial A renovation to create 15 additional tig and mig welding stations is complete.

The new Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation lab space and classroom housed in Industrial A is complete, and the first class is underway this term. Installation of lab and test equipment is the next.

Industrial C renovations have been made to accommodate oxy acetylene welding, pipe fitting and fabrication.

July 2016

Work in Industrial A and Industrial C buildings has begun. Renovation of Industrial A includes creating 15 additional tig and mig welding stations. The new Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation program will be included in the Industrial A renovation. Artists renderings of the new program lab areas is below.

Industrial C renovations will be made to accommodate oxy acetylene welding, pipe fitting and fabrication.

Non-Destructive Test and Evaluation construction:

NDT construction 2



Artist Renderings showing Non-Destructive Test and Evaluation Program lab:

NDT Rendering 1

NDT Rendering 2