Mechatronics/Industrial Automation (Complete)

Construction is complete.

The Industrial A middle shop area (former automotive program space) was remodeled to house the Mechatronics/Industrial Maintenance program. The program has moved into the 13,400-square-foot space, which includes new instructional classrooms, labs and faculty offices.

Contractor: Triplett Wellman
Cost: $3.2 million

Images: May 16, 2018

Mechatronics final 1

Mechatronics final 2

Mechatronics final 3

Mechatronics final 4

Mechatronics final 5

Mechatronics final 6


Images: April 5, 2018

Mecha entry 1

Mecha main entry 2

Mecha entry courtyard 1

Mecha entry courtyard 2


Images: March 30, 2018

Mechatronics remodel 1

Mechatronics remodel 2

Mechatronics remodel 3

Mechatronics remodel 4

Mechatronics remodel 5

Mechatronics remodel 6

Mechatronics remodel 7


Images: January 2018

Mechatronics expansion 1

Mechatronics expansion 2

Mechatronics expansion 3

Mechatronics expansion 4


Images: December 2017

Mechatronics renovation

Mechatronics 1

Mechatronics 2


Past Updates:

July 2017
Remodel of the middle section of Industrial A (former automotive shop) to accommodate the Mechatronics/Industrial Maintenance program will begin in September. Mechatronics will move from IB and IC north into the new space once complete.

March 2017
Industrial A renovation is underway for the Mechatronics/Industrial Maintenance Program.