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    GradsLBCC’s mission:

    To engage in an education that enables all of us to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from the cultural richness and economic vitality of our communities.

    At Linn-Benton Community College, our values serve as the foundation that inspires our actions and unites us as a community. As responsible stewards, we are committed to:
    • Opportunity: We support the fulfillment of potential in ourselves and each other.
    • Excellence: We aspire to the highest ideal with honesty and integrity.
    • Inclusiveness: We honor and embrace the uniqueness of every individual, and promote the free and civil expression of ideas, perspectives and cultures.
    • Learning: We commit to the lifelong pursuit of knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve our lives and our communities.
    • Engagement: We openly and actively connect as students, faculty, staff and community.