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NOTICE: Articles for the WR 121 Final Exam, Spring 2014

If you are taking the WR 121 final exam on the main campus during the regular testing time, you will be responding to the following article: "Study Abroad Is Neccesity, Not Luxury."


I you are taking the WR 121 exam during the alternate test time (Thursday, June 5th) or at the Benton Center, Lebanon Center, or Sweet Home Center, you will be responding to the following article: "Texting Away Our Best Manners and Memories." 


Submit to 66: LBCC's Journal


Our programs include:

  • Associate of Science: English Literature
  • Associate of Science: Journalism & Mass Communications

Our courses service students in all disciplines.


Look at the Graduations Worksheets for degree requirements.


Our programs and classes are designed to help you:

  • develop specific skills in academic, professional or creative writing
  • meet requirements for two-year and four-year degrees
  • prepare for the workplace
  • enrich your understanding of literature and the humanities


If you need information about which textbooks will be used during the coming year, click on this link: 2013-2015 Current Textbook List.


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Contact Karelia Stetz-Waters, Department Chair, English/Writing Department, for further information by telephone: (541) 917-4556 or by e-mail: