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Diagnostic Imaging

Admission and Program Requirements

Admission Policies: (Updated 04/2013)

  • Students MUST complete the Information Session (link is also found within the Current Bulletin/Application)
  • Current Bulletin/Application - See the Diagnostic Imaging under the Special Admissions Bulletins and Applications:  (Updated 04/2013)  
    • Program Admission Deadline: January 2015
    • Admission criteria subject to change (students are encouraged to check the DI webpages frequently for updates)

Tuition/Fees/Refund Policies: (Updated 05/2013)

  • This program follows a cost-recovery model. (The program is self-sustaining and must have a balanced budget each year)  
  • Estimated Program Cost: $19,500 (subject to change)  This includes LBCC registrations, lab fees and instructional costs.
  • This program is eligible for financial aid. (See Information Session)
    • Admitted students will be required to make a $2,500 (estimate) non-refundable deposit. Financial Aid will not be initially available to use towards the deposit. (see Information Session)
    • Financial Aid is disbursed in 4 equal payments. Students will not receive any money in hand (credit balance) until their entire tuition owed is paid in full. 
    • Half of the first year's program cost must be paid prior to orientation date. 
    • Payment options and plans are available to those who qualify. 
  • Certification exam fees are not covered in the cost of the program.

Minimum Program and Graduation Requirements: (Updated 04/2013)

  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) pre-requisite courses must be completed prior to application to the program (See Bulletin for specifics)
    • WR 121 (English Composition)
    • Math 111 (College Algebra) - completed within last 5 years
    • Communication
    • Cultural Literacy
  • Program pre-requisite (See Bulletin for specifics)
    • Medical Terminology (completed prior to application to the program)
    • Anatomy & Physiology I (completed prior to application to the program)
    • American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR (completed prior to application to the program)
    • Vaccinations (updated prior to the start of the program)
    • Students need to pass a criminal background check - if a student has any previous felony or misdemeanor charges or convictions,
      s/he must provide documentation that they have completed and obtained clearance for a "Pre-Application Review of Eligibility for Certification"
    • Drug Screen
    • Physical Requirements for Diagnostic Imaging Technologists (pdf) 



  • Important note: Diagnostic Imaging courses are listed in the LBCC catalog under RT.

Additional Information:

  • ALL students are encouraged to meet with the Academic Planning Assistant in regard to pre-requisites and course planning.  The purpose of the Academic Planning Assisatnt to provide students with accurate and up to date information regarding the program and their academic choices.  An appointment can be made by calling 541-917-4923.