College Credit for Non-Profit Internships
You may be eligible to earn transferable elective credit for working in the community with a non-profit organization.  Service-Learning is an instructional program which allows you to earn college credit while you apply your skills working with community partners addressing real community needs.  In addition to identifying learning outcomes, you will engage in faculty-led guided reflection designed to promote critical thinking, citizenship and civic responsibility. The reflection may take the form of discussion, oral presentations, a reflective journal, or other agreed upon activities.
Faculty Coordinators offer you assistance in finding placements that suit your interests, skills and career goals.  You may earn between 1 and 12 transferable elective credits.  Each credit requires 30 hours of service.


Service-Learning Agreement

Service-Learning Requirements

Service-Learning Weekly Report (Time Sheet)

Service-Learning Outcomes

Service Learning Related Reading Reports

Service Learning Self Evaluation of Work-Related Skills

Service Learning Final Self Evaluation

Service-Learning Guided Reflection

Service-Learning Supervisor Evaluation


Service-Learning Faculty Coordinator David Bird

Telephone: (541) 917-4778; E-mail:

The Service-Learning Office is located in Takena Hall, Room 101.  For further information call the Service-Learning Office, Lena Carr (541)917-4787.