Careers with a Conscience

Couple with GlobeDo you need help finding ways to actualize your dreams of making the world a better place while still making a living?

Careers with a Conscience connects you to the tools you need!

Many students feel frustrated, disillusioned, and challenged to imagine their future work in a way that allows them to reconcile their desire for economic security with their commitment to peace, environmentalism, and social justice. 

Built upon a foundation of humanitarian goals, the Careers with a Conscience webpage is designed to assist students and community members in finding opportunities in careers, internships, volunteer positions and institutions of higher learning that strive to serve these humanitarian goals. (To read more on how this site was developed please read Mark's Story.)

We strive to include only organizations and institutions that abide by the following:
LBCC's non discrimination policy
Non-violence toward persons and property
Work on local, national, and international struggles
No proselytizing or discriminating against other peoples faiths or beliefs