Energy Assistance

 (Includes Pacific Power, Northwest Natural, and other assistance)

Flexible Payment Plans (Northwest Natural) 1-800-422-4012 
NW Natural offers temporary payment arrangements that can be an option for customers having trouble paying their monthly gas bill. To see if you qualify online, go to NW Natural's Website.

Income Guidelines for Energy Assistance (Northwest Natural)  
For guildeline information, click here.

Flexible Payment Plans (Pacific Power)
Pacific Power offers special services, bill assistance and time payment plans for customers experiencing financial hardships. For questions about payment plan eligibility or if you are experiencing difficulty making payments please call today. 1-888-221-7070 

Oregon HEAT
Oregon HEAT develops and coordinates resources to help low-income Oregonians meet their energy needs and achieve energy self-reliance through energy education and advocacy. 1-503-612-3790

Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)
For Assistance through LIEAP, contact the Community Services Consortium at 1-541-752-1010 or visit the LIEAP website for more information.

Energy and Weatherization Programs
This program provides weatherization and energy conservation services at no cost to households that meet the low income guidelines. For more information visit their website here.